DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: May 20, 2018



TO ENTER: Navigate to the ONLINE AWARDS ENTRY SITE, register, and follow instructions. Print materials should be uploaded as PDFs. The cost is $17 per entry.

YOUR “COVER LETTER” for each entry may include as much or as little information you would like to share about the entry, including:

  • Date and place it was created
  • Church or faith group it was created for
  • Names of all people who contributed to the entry
  • Objective — formulation of specific objectives and plans to achieve it
  • Methods — Techniques and tools employed to achieve objective
  • Results — explanation of how results were measured, including cost effectiveness, and to what extent objectives were reached


  • Church Clarion Gold Award winners receive $250 cash awards and publication in our anthology, The Church Clarion Awards 2018: Best Communications of the Year.  NOTE: We firmly believe in paying creators for their work. For inclusion in the Church Clarion Awards anthology, we receive Non-Exclusive, One-Time Publication Rights. The copyright holder, (you, the author or artist, your organization or publication), retain copyright ownership of your work. (For an extremely useful discussion of publishing rights and contests in general, see this article from the website.)
  • Silver Award winners in each category receive $100.
  • All finalists and winners receive notification and a sample press release congratulating them for their great work, as well as a general press release to national and international religious media.
  • First-, Second- and Third-Place Winners receive mailed, hard-copy certificates on archival paper, plus church-media PR and promotions to national and local news media.
  • All entries will be annotated with judges’ comments. One of the goals of The Church Clarion Awards is to be a professional-development resource. We want to help all church communicators improve their skills. Your effort deserves constructive feedback!

CATEGORIES — Enter as many as you would like. You may win only once in each category (i.e., you may not win both first- and second-place awards in the same category)

                                                         CATEGORY A: WRITING

A1. Theological Reflection or Sermon

A2. Church History, Online

A3. Church History, Printed

                               CATEGORY B: PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING 

B1. Website — Submit URL of the site. Criteria focus on content, user experience, fulfillment of mission as well as design.

B2. Newsletter, Print — For church members or the general public.

B3. Newsletter, Digital — E-mailed to subscribers

B4. Poster — Single sheet describing the church, institution or organization and/or a special event or program.

B5. Flyer — Single sheet describing the church, institution or organization and/or a special event or program.

B6. Brochure — Folded single sheet describing the church, institution or organization and/or a special event or program.

B7. Public Relations / Advertising Campaign — Series of broadcast, electronic and/or print ads designed to advertise the institution or a special project/event.

                                                        CATEGORY C: SOCIAL MEDIA 

C1. Best Social Medial Presence — Submit PDF’s of screenshots, links and other supporting material to describe your use, reach and impact of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

C2. Social Media Campaign — Submit PDF’s of screenshots, links and other supporting material to give overview of campaign.

                                                     CATEGORY D: VISUAL ARTS/GRAPHICS

D1. Photography, All Media — Photographs are judged on aesthetic merit, regardless of medium of publication.

D2. Video — May be for members or for the general public.

D3. Graphic Design — Images, icons, logos or overall design for newsletters, infographics, posters, advertisements, event branding, etc.

CONTACT US with any questions: call 407-341-6615 or e-mail